Employee Discount and Purchase Policy

This Employee Discount and Purchase Policy is designed to outline specific criteria for purchasing products by associates with the purpose of promoting cohesion between our employees, products, and organization. The policy outlined below considers business needs, customer demand, costs, logistical factors, and other considerations to create a policy that works for the company and associates.

Quantity: Associates purchases are limited to thirteen (13) sunglasses or optical frames total per year through only https://sporteyeconic.com/password

Employee Purchases: All Employee purchases will be made through https://sporteyeconic.com/password Each employee will have to register an account on the website. If you don’t have a designer eyes email, store managers please provide a list with their name & emails for each store employee to HR@designereyes.com. Once emails are submitted to HR, it cannot be changed unless approved by HR.

Price: Associates can purchase products at a discounted price. Employees will receive up to 50% off the MSRP price on https://sporteyeconic.com/password for the thirteen (13) sunglasses or optical frames total per year. Exclusions may apply. The price reflected on https://sporteyeconic.com/password will be the final employee price for each available product.


There will be exclusions on certain brands, newness along with best sellers. The exclusion brands & items will be given a certain limited discount, which will be reflected on https://sporteyeconic.com/password. There is no discount on any special edition or collaboration product.

At the moment, there will be no special orders allowed along with Chanel or Chrome Hearts purchases.

Product purchased from the company must not be sold in any internet marketplace.

Optical Purchases:

Our optical lab, US Optical, is committed in helping those associates who wear prescription eyewear with 50% off any lenses. Please send all request for optical lenses purchase to specialorder@designereyes.com. We will send an online invoice to be checkout. Once online checkout is completed, our Ecommerce team will send the respective store the order to the store optician to order the lenses from the lab. It will also be cut & mounted at the store. This is a great benefit since we carry some of the best lenses on the market.

Completion of Purchase: Once purchase is complete, the office will let the purchaser know if the product can be fulfilled from the respective store, or Corporate will be sending you the product from the office. Confirmation and approval are necessary prior to any movement of inventory towards the employee purchase.